At Y-tech we believe that no two customers are the same, therefore, off-the-shelf IT solutions do not and cannot meet any one customer’s unique business needs. We take pride in delivering solutions that are a perfect fit to your business and unlike any other solution on the market. We begin every new project by carefully studying and assessing customers and their needs, followed by comprehensive analysis and specifications, and only then, do we develop and implement a tailor-made, fully-integrated IT solution. All installed Y-tech systems are regularly inspected and maintained and are guaranteed to be fully secure. 

Serving your business needs

  • We know the meaning of downtime and how it can affect your business. We pride ourselves in delivering IT systems with 99.99% uptime that are robust and reliable.
  • All Y-tech solutions consist of fully redundant components and a host of the latest communications network hardware, such as routers and servers.
  • All of our solutions are providing with accompanying maintenance and upgrade service, performed on a routine basis without disrupting the customer’s system. 
  • Customers are provided with full system access rights and privileges to enable management and control of their in-house systems remotely from any location and at any time.
  • All Y-tech systems are carefully monitored and controlled 24/7, with advanced system alerts deployed prior to or during any system failure or malfunction. Our technical support engineers at Y-tech’s Network Operations Center (NOC) are immediately notified prior to and during any system failure or malfunction via mobile phone.
  • Customer service and support is available via the NOC from Sunday-Thursday, 07:30-19:00 (GMT +2). Y-tech also operates an emergency customer call center to report critical system failures and malfunctions, 24/7.

Our solutions

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