Baby Star



Baby Star network, which specializes in marketing quality baby products, was founded in 2009 by two partners: Daniel Davidovich and Avri Katzir
The chain has nine branches throughout the country.

Babystar has been run for years using a local computing infrastructure (on premise) and its accelerated expansion has required ongoing investments in the computing field. Over the years, the computing and communications infrastructure has become a financial and managerial burden that has weighed heavily on the company and attracted increasing attention and managerial resources. All the time required the purchase of new equipment, repairs and upgrades of the servers and the physical communications center, a constant struggle for cyber security, software updates, backup and storage operations, dealing with power outages, which disrupted business operations, and many other challenges

Our Solution:
Y-tech has set up a complete virtual private cloud for Baby Star, which includes private communication lines, Linux and Oracle servers, data processing and storage servers, application servers, backup servers that all support all of the company's activities. The infrastructure now runs in the cloud all of Baby Star's enterprise software, including: Accounting and Finance, Aviv Solutions' ERP software, Multiplier payroll software, Verifon's cash register software, BI system, and more.

The Result:
The company has chosen Y-tech to carry out a digital transformation from end to end and to move the computing and communication infrastructure to a virtual private cloud configuration, in Y-tech cloud.
Daniel Davidovich, co-founder and CEO of Baby Star: “Y-tech moved us to the cloud in a fast and professional move that propelled us a huge step forward in business. We specialize in marketing baby products to hundreds of thousands of families across the country, and do not want to deal with computing infrastructure and software at all. The migration to Y-tech cloud has freed us from the burden of computers, servers and software, and 100% of the time is devoted to business development and customer service improvement. The cloud infrastructure gives us great business flexibility and we can increase or decrease volumes in seconds depending on seasonal needs, business opportunities or any other need, and easily implement any new system required. "Furthermore, when we open a new branch, the communication and computing infrastructure required for this is provided to us within 24 hours and the store enters into sales activity in real time, without any delay".

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