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Monitoring Services

Many enterprises require high-level monitoring capabilities, such as those provided by NOC (Network Operation Center) as a Service. y-tech provides this service, sparing its customers from the necessity to set up and run a 24-hour control center.

Main Challenges

Providing an Optimal Response

Monitoring is intended to enable speedy response in the event of failure, but it is equally crucial to guarantee that the incident management knows how to provide an appropriate response, especially in busy IT settings.

Close familiarity

Establishing a comprehensive control system that includes software, workers, and work processes requires a thorough understanding of organizational activities, particularly in firms that handle sensitive information and operate in active IT environments.

Monitoring continuity

How can 24/7 continuity be assured in order to monitor and hence decrease risks, avoid threats, and resolve security issues ?

Our Services

Security Information and Event Management – SIEM & IR TEAM

y-tech’s SIEM&IR solution understands how to assure full comprehensive treatment of occurrences through enhanced automated testing, anomalous event detection, and context diagnosis across several devices.


Managed security services include advanced security components that are tailored to each client’s specific needs, such as ongoing monitoring, management, and intervention in incidents and emergencies. y-tech provides managed SOC services that include enhanced management and monitoring capabilities, automated systems for monitoring and alerting, advanced analytical software for automated threat detection, and more.


y-tech’s monitoring system is controlled in a technologically advanced control center that is staffed around the clock throughout the year. The high technological capabilities allow for the successful identification of potential threats in computers and networks, communication lines, and the organization’s overall technological infrastructure.

A comprehensive response

Our sense of responsibility to our clients requires us to have the most thorough understanding of the IT and information security worlds in order to provide a complete answer to each of their specific needs.

Tailored experience

Our significant expertise gathered over years of activity across sectors and fields of knowledge, along with the service value that leads us, enables us to give Best Practices solutions in their respective fields, including a unique methodology adapted to each client’s demands.

24/7 service and support

The value we bring our clients through quiet and constant labor is critical to their success. It is built on our service and support teams working around the clock to ensure that their systems run properly and uninterrupted at all times and from any location.

Happy Clients With Our Solution