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Are you an integrator looking for complete connectivity and cloud solutions for your clients?

Our partner program offers a comprehensive solution that meets your requirements and more.

solution that meets your requirements

y-tech invites you, the integrator, to join our partner program, which delivers end-to-end private connectivity and cloud solutions. This allows you to provide your clients with full cloud capability while maintaining optimal uptime.

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Joining our Partner
Program allows you to

We offer full service without competition.

y-tech will support you until you achieve complete independence in the cloud, providing thorough technical and sales knowledge, as well as full assistance with specification and implementation processes. Furthermore, you will receive full support from our marketing and sales departments via Sales Kits designed to your specific requirements, assisting you in the process of selling cloud services to clients.

Boost Business Performance

Our Partner Program offers an opportunity to enhance relationships with existing clients by introducing a new service while also attracting new clients interested in cloud solutions. This allows you to produce a consistent and predictable monthly income for your business.

Enhance Customer Service

Within 24 hours of joining our Partner Program, you may provide your clients with powerful and user-friendly cloud and communication services powered by y-tech cloud. This includes a private cloud system with capabilities such as server setup automation with a single click and a comprehensive product gallery, all under your own control.

The service is offered in a White Label version that is tailored to each client’s needs. The management system will be branded with your logo, and you will handle all client interactions, providing a separate and dedicated environment for each client.


All of this comes at exceptionally affordable prices, without sacrificing system quality or top-tier support, and while following to essential standards: ISO27001 for information security and ISO9001 for company management and service structure.