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Regulatory Packages

The need to meet stringent and advanced standards that change frequently is especially true for organizations with supply chains, but relevant for businesses of all sizes.

Main Challenges

Ongoing standard compliance

Following the receipt of a standard, the organization undergoes periodic compliance testing. To do so, it must be able to make adjustments while continuing to operate, at least once a year.

Operational change

Meeting local or worldwide standards typically necessitates an operational shift inside the organization. Understanding the regulatory circumstances and preparations is a difficult task in itself

Smart mapping

The large and complex global regulatory field and supporting standard systems demand clever mapping adapted to the company's individual needs.

Our Services

IR Team

One typical regulation need is to provide an IR team to handle a cyber event when it occurs. y-tech managed customers benefit from y-tech’s IR team’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

Managed SOC

Managed security services include advanced security components that are tailored to each client’s specific needs, such as ongoing monitoring, management, and intervention in incidents and emergencies. y-tech provides managed SOC services that combine comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities with automated monitoring and alerting systems, advanced analytical tools for automated threat detection, and other features.


A service that ensures that information security and organization systems fulfill applicable standards. y-tech’s CISO service offers the customer thorough, diligent oversight and monitoring of its information security components in accordance with standard requirements.

A comprehensive response

Our sense of responsibility to our clients requires us to have the most thorough understanding of the IT and information security worlds in order to provide a complete answer to each of their specific needs.

Tailored experience

Our significant expertise gathered over years of activity across sectors and fields of knowledge, along with the service value that leads us, enables us to give Best Practices solutions in their respective fields, including a unique methodology adapted to each client’s demands.

24/7 service and support

The value we bring our clients through quiet and constant labor is critical to their success. It is built on our service and support teams working around the clock to ensure that their systems run properly and uninterrupted at all times and from any location.

Happy Clients With Our Solution