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Managed Security Services

Top-level cyber protection is provided by managed security services including comprehensive ongoing monitoring, management and intervention in events and emergencies.

Main Challenges

Ongoing optimization

Building cyber defense circles is never a one-time action, but one requiring constant optimization for ongoing improvement and adaptation to changing needs.

Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks can be complex regardless of the organization's activity nature. These require top-level prevention and containment capabilities.

Security circles

The cyber defense world abounds with solutions for forming security circles. What is best for the organization? Many businesses have issues when implementing a dedicated SOC/SIEM for a customer

Our Services

CyberRing Authentication (MFA)

y-tech offers one of the most effective methods of preventing username and password theft. This is two-factor authentication while logging into the system and configuring an identification policy. Thus, in addition to the login and password, the organization employee will be needed to verify admission via Push notification or by answering an automated phone call from their mobile phone.

CyberRing Titan

y-tech offers its customers with a URL-based cyber protection system that is recognized the global leader in filtering and controlling access blocks, successfully dealing with internal browsing threats.

Security Information and Event Management – SIEM & IR TEAM

y-tech’s SIEM&IR solution understands how to assure full comprehensive treatment of occurrences through enhanced automated testing, anomalous event detection, and context diagnosis across several devices.

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

A service aimed for clients who use WEB interfaces and applications. We provide full implementation of protections by monitoring, analyzing, and filtering HTTP protocol and secured HTTPS traffic using an application-level Firewall protection solution.


y-tech offers a Managed EPP solution, which includes installing a managed EPP Agent on each workstation, reporting to our cyber center, and getting continuing threat updates. This solution contains numerous technological engines for detecting and blocking malware entry into workstations and servers. For customers looking for a more comprehensive solution, we provide the MDR service, which incorporates the EPP specification with dedicated expansions for receiving a maximum security system array.

A comprehensive response

Our sense of responsibility to our clients requires us to have the most thorough understanding of the IT and information security worlds in order to provide a complete answer to each of their specific needs.

Tailored experience

Our significant expertise gathered over years of activity across sectors and fields of knowledge, along with the service value that leads us, enables us to give Best Practices solutions in their respective fields, including a unique methodology adapted to each client’s demands.

24/7 service and support

The value we bring our clients through quiet and constant labor is critical to their success. It is built on our service and support teams working around the clock to ensure that their systems run properly and uninterrupted at all times and from any location.

Happy Clients With Our Solution