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Distributed operations in the retail sector require secure communication, support for numerous applications, and resilience in any possible scenario.

What You Need to Know About the Retail Industry

Despite the significant diversity among the active players in the retail industry, what they all share is an operational structure typically composed of a headquarters and a central distribution center, with a network of stores across the country. This structure necessitates the implementation of secure communication for all branches and the headquarters, support for cloud applications, and resilience in communication systems, information security, and hardware.

Every minute without full availability and functionality of information systems can lead to enormous economic consequences. Y-Tech’s solutions provide the required level of service, availability, and resilience.

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Distributed Operations

The decentralization of activities across headquarters and branches requires secure and continuous communication between all existing units.

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Focus on Solutions

The abundance of technological solutions in the industry requires an experienced and knowledgeable provider who can handle this diversity.

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Reducing Failures

Minimizing the likelihood of failures to the essential minimum to prevent potential significant economic damage to the organization.

Solutions for the
Retail Industry

Managed Security Services

Cyber risks to retail companies directly threaten their smooth and continuous operations. Y-Tech’s managed security services include selecting the precise cyber systems needed and fully managing them by the company’s elite team.

Cyber Security

The unique nature of the retail industry’s operations requires tailoring cyber solutions to the specific needs of the sector to ensure comprehensive and complete protection. The knowledge and experience Y-Tech has accumulated in the field guarantee the full adaptation of cyber systems that provide optimal comprehensive protection for the organization.

Secure Communication

Distributed operations in the retail sector demand uncompromisingly secure communication. Y-Tech offers a comprehensive solution that includes resilience capabilities, disaster recovery solutions, and business continuity.

Managed Monitoring Services

The need to ensure resilience in every scenario encourages many retail companies to rely on managed monitoring services. This service, provided by Y-Tech, saves its clients the need to establish and operate a 24/7 control center, ensuring continuous monitoring and response capabilities without the overhead.

Regulatory Compliance Packages

The expectation to meet advanced industry standards alongside evolving regulatory requirements necessitates finding the right partner who can ensure regulatory certainty. Y-Tech provides complete peace of mind to its clients in this realm, ensuring ongoing and comprehensive compliance with regulatory requirements.


Managed IT Services

The efficient use of multiple applications in the retail sector is best achieved through managed IT services. Y-Tech is a trusted partner capable of comprehensively, intelligently, and efficiently managing this system.

“The transition to y-tech’s cloud has revolutionized the company’s daily life. We no longer deal with infrastructure management or put out fires, and only look forward.”
Avi Lankri
Store Manager at BabyStar Rishon LeZion branch