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Construction and Real Estate

Accelerated digitization and technology processes in the traditional construction and real estate worlds bring with them a series of technological and information security challenges

What you should know about the construction and real estate industries

Computerization and digitization technologies have rapidly entered industries that were previously deemed conventional. The real estate and construction industries are prime examples, with a rising circle of businesses of all kinds striving to streamline and optimize by using IT solutions and tackling security issues.
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Diverse communication solutions

The industry's diversified computer and communication solutions address both headquarters and field activities, including remote sites without suitable connectivity infrastructure. These necessitate a broad understanding of how to meet a variety of requirements.

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Immediate needs at any scale

Various scale emergency needs require a flexible, innovative, and thorough solution in a short period of time.

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Response to Complex Projects

Construction and real estate projects are typically complex and have a predetermined budget. These conditions increase the complexity of designing solutions in the most optimal and efficient manner.


Managed security services

y-tech’s managed security services in the construction and real estate industries include complete and ongoing monitoring, management, and intervention in incidents and emergencies. All of these measures provide comprehensive, constant, and total protection against information security hazards.

Cyber Security

y-tech offers a managed cyber security service that ensures early detection of risk factors for its construction and real estate customers, selection of appropriate solutions, and long-term operation.

Secured communication

Advanced and high-quality secure communication is a crucial means of ensuring continuity of contact even in remote locations with communication issues. y-tech understands how to give this at the best possible level.

Managed monitoring services

To ensure sustainability in any scenario in the construction and real estate industries, the solution is to upgrade to managed monitoring services. y-tech offers its customers superior monitoring capabilities, based on a 24-hour manned control center operated by the company’s experienced teams.

Regulatory Packages

A set of standards and regulatory requirements in the IT and information security fields have also permeated the building and real estate industries. y-tech understands how to supply its customers with this service envelope in the most effective manner.

Managed IT

y-tech understands how to serve its construction and real estate clients with customized managed IT services. As a result, these businesses get peace of mind and confidence that their computer and communication systems are being managed optimally.
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Choosing y-tech was an easy choice. At Denisra we insist on doing business first and foremost with people, and that is exactly what we have found on the other side. They come with a very high professional level, state-of-the-art technology and provide an excellent level of service. As CEO I am very satisfied with the engagement with y-tech.
Amit Halperin
CEO of Denisra