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Cyber Security

Cyber risks are regarded as the world’s most serious risk to enterprises of all sizes. Choosing a managed service will enable early and complete risk detection, selection of appropriate remedies, and continuing long-term operation.

Main Challenges

Dynamic cyber security

The cyber security industry is dynamic and ever-changing, making it difficult for firms to hire and retain quality cyber security personnel.

Optimal comprehensive protection

Today, it is evident that a single layer of protection, no matter how good, is inadequate. But what is the best overall protection for an organization? One plausible answer: a firm with approximately 400 people has, on average, 20-40 separate systems dealing with cyber security measures.

Continuous and secure communication

Continuous and secure communication occurs not just from the organization outwards, but also between computers and the core system. These channels are vulnerable to breaches that might steal information, interrupt, or even stop them, compromising the organization's operations

Our Services

Private Cloud Firewall

y-tech customers benefit from a private firewall solution that is regularly updated by the company’s teams. The cloud eliminates the need to purchase expensive and complex equipment for operation.

Advanced CyberRing system

y-tech’s CyberRing system has 13 defense circles, including MFA (CyberRing Authentication), EPP & MDR, and WAF.

Secured Communication

y-tech delivers the highest degree of secure communication services, including enhanced monitoring and control, full redundancy implementation, and the ability to handle cyber events as they occur.

A comprehensive response

Our sense of responsibility to our clients requires us to have the most thorough understanding of the IT and information security worlds in order to provide a complete answer to each of their specific needs.

Tailored experience

Our significant expertise gathered over years of activity across sectors and fields of knowledge, along with the service value that leads us, enables us to give Best Practices solutions in their respective fields, including a unique methodology adapted to each client’s demands.

24/7 service and support

The value we bring our clients through quiet and constant labor is critical to their success. It is built on our service and support teams working around the clock to ensure that their systems run properly and uninterrupted at all times and from any location.

Happy Clients With Our Solution