Law, Finance
and Accounting

Service providers face new challenges in protecting information, complying with strict supply chain regulations, and expecting minimal downtime in availability and accessibility.

What you should know about service provider environments

The service industries of legal, financial services, and accounting are transitioning to a cloud environment, raising concerns about the ongoing and proper operation of systems, direct access from multiple locations, and high security levels that meet regulatory standards.
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Mobility and Remote Work

Mobility and remote work in similar situations is a common challenge for service provider organizations.

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Access to Information

Secure access to critical information from anywhere in the globe, while adhering to tight standards to preserve data privacy

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Managing part of the systems

Managing part and continually information systems to prevent probable shutdown, which would result in large expenses for the firm


Managed security services

y-tech’s managed security services for service providers include identifying the appropriate cyber solutions for their needs, as well as complete and ongoing monitoring, management, and intervention in incidents and emergencies. All of these measures ensure that consumer information is kept confidential in these industries.

Cyber security

Service providers face ongoing cyber threats that disrupt daily operations. y-tech offers a managed service that assures early risk assessment, the selection of appropriate solutions, and their ongoing long-term operation.

Secured communication

The nature of service providers’ job necessitates secure communication that ensures ideal comprehensive protection of the organization’s communication infrastructure. y-tech provides a full solution for secure communication, including survivability, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Managed monitoring services

To ensure sustainability in any scenario, many service providers use managed monitoring services. y-tech offers its customers superior monitoring capabilities, based on a 24-hour manned control center operated by the company’s experienced teams.

Regulatory Packages

A thorough regulatory response necessitates comprehensive action, beginning with smart mapping adapted to demands, followed by the necessary operational adjustment, and continued compliance with standards throughout time. y-tech understands how to supply its customers with this service envelope in the most effective manner.

Managed IT

y-tech has worked with prominent law and finance organizations, which is shown in managed IT services such as their smooth transition to a secure cloud environment that allows for information access from anywhere and IT system management with minimal downtime.

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Before connecting with y-tech, every branch in Israel operated independently, and above all the issue of information security was at a basic level. We were looking for partners we could personally and professionally rely on, just as our clients rely on us when they entrust us with their most sensitive information. We were looking for a team of professionals who would first and foremost allow us to sleep well at night, knowing our information is in the best and most professional hands.
Adv. Rani Guth
Senior Partner at Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co