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Join one of the most established firms in the IT and cybersecurity sectors. Each of us contributes significantly to the reality of hundreds of businesses and organizations across the country as they face a wide range of intriguing technology challenges. Joining y-tech gives you the ability to spearhead projects that will impact the future, beginning today.
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We excel in what we do.

Nearly two decades of action do not just happen. The tremendous knowledge gathered over our years of operation, along with the attitude of excellence that pervades here, assures that if our fields of activity interest you and you have the desire to advance, y-tech is the place for you. Personal and professional fulfillment is a driving core value for us. Because of our distinct career paths, every individual is certain that they can achieve whatever professional objective they set for themselves.

As for us, the excitement begins with the depth of the work.

At y-tech, we collaborate on a wide range of content on a daily basis. This convergence promises one thing: excitement. Our staff are exposed to a variety of clients, technology, needs, and opportunities, earning significant multidimensional experience and establishing professional competence.

Since we are distinct.

In our current thriving business environments, you won't find another organization that combines technology and cybersecurity operations while making monumental corporation capabilities available to all clients, large and small. This distinctiveness makes us proud and provides us with everyday thrills and fascination.

Y-tech is family.

The association between staff here extends far beyond business interactions; it is personal and genuine. As a result, every individual who joins us will be part of more than an elite professional dream team, but also a large, attentive, encouraging family.

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Role Definition

  • Establishing servers and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) environments
  • Executing customer migration projects to the cloud environment
  • 365 migrations
  • Learning and getting acquainted with many systems and services in order to implement integrated cross-cutting solutions for customers
  • Building complete systems, including servers, information security, communication, monitoring and control
  • Working in multi-server and multi-technology environments
  • Working in multi-communication, TCP/IP, Firewalls environments
  • In the first projects, you will be a “team member”, with the goal of eventually managing entire projects
  • In addition, providing Tier3 technical support to the service department as needed and assisting and solving technical issues with customers


  • MCSE / MCITP / MCSA / CCNA course graduates – an advantage for certified candidates
  • Knowledge of WIN 2003/2008/2012/2016 server environments

    Experience i Microsoft Azure- an advantage

    Experience in Microsoft Office 365

    Proven experience in managing Firewall systems

  • Familiarity with monitoring and control systems, advantage for knowledge in Nagios, Cacti. Experience in providing IT services in the business sector
  • Knowledge and experience in Active Directory at the level of setup and troubleshooting
  • Knowledge and experience in Group Policy. TCP/IP knowledge – mandatory, familiarity with the 7 layers and experience in Subnetting – an advantage
  • Knowledge and experience in BGP configurations – an advantage
  • Experience in server farm work and management – an advantage
  • Experience in configuring routers and switches
  • Knowledge in virtualization – an advantage

    Knowledge in managing LINUX open-source systems – an advantage

    Knowledge in web hosting environments / PHP/.net – an advantage

    SQL knowledge at the Sysadmin level, advantage for basic DBA-level knowledge
  • Security clearance – an advantage
  • Experience working in secure environments and under standards – an advantage
  • Availability for non-standard working hours
  • In addition to professionalism, must be service-oriented, a “people person”, as there will be contact with customers at their onboarding stage, which is the most critical phase

Job Description:

  • Providing telephone/in-person support
  • Active Directory management
  • Troubleshooting and managing communication systems
  • Support for OFFICE 365
  • Troubleshooting and server management
  • Working with security and cybersecurity systems
  • ISP environment communication support


  • At least 1 year of experience as a Help Desk / System support agent
  • Experience in providing technical support and maintenance, in-person/over the phone – mandatory
  • Full proficiency and providing solutions in MICROSOFT OFFICE
  • Full proficiency in handling troubleshooting and installations
  • Experience working with Microsoft Windows workstations and servers across all versions.
  • Basic understanding of infrastructure such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP
  • Experience in communication fields (switches, routers) – an advantage
  • Relevant certifications such as MCTIP/MCSE – an advantage
  • Ability to work in a team – mandatory

Job Description:

  • First line of contact for all infrastructure incidents in the company. Receiving alerts from control systems on deviations, providing initial response on servers, communication, etc., and performing escalation as needed
  • Working with communication infrastructure providers (Bezeq/Hot/Cellcom/Partner, etc.), providing response to communication line faults
  • Routine maintenance of control systems, event triage and monitoring of servers, communication lines, and various security systems (TIER-2)
  • Providing initial response to security incidents, escalation as needed within the team and/or to client managers
  • Working according to procedures and maintaining procedures, including writing new procedures as needed, contributing to knowledge management within the team
  • Server management and maintenance – handling client applications with vendors, troubleshooting
  • System configurations, policies, basic AD management
  • Performing system updates on hundreds of servers on an ongoing basis, coordination with the company’s departments, clients and vendors
  • Ongoing work with security systems such as EDR, SIEM, analyzing system and application logs, incident investigation and report writing
  • Working with the service and project departments
  • Working in a diverse technological environment with multiple servers and clients
  • Assisting the service department with Tier1 support outside of the department’s operating hours


  • 1 year of experience as a NOC/SOC agent – an advantage
  • Basic understanding of communication, advantage for experience working with switches and routers
  • Basic understanding of servers, advantage for MCSA/MCSE graduates
  • Relevant certifications such as MCTIP/MCSE/MCSA/CCNA – an advantage.
  • Ability to work in a team – mandatory
  • Willingness to work in 24/7 shifts