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Public Transportation

How to proceed with the digital transformation in the public transportation industry, which requires complex technological solutions and information security.

What You Need to Know About Public Transportation

The world of public transportation has become far more digital and automated than one might expect. Operators (transport companies), for example, use complex computer systems synchronized with the Ministry of Transportation to report rides completed, leaving little tolerance for failures while the potential of security breaches is significant.

Since the 2000 public transportation reform initiated by the Ministry of Transportation, y-tech has established itself as a significant provider, supplying the majority of technical solutions for public transit operators

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Business continuity

To ensure that systems remain running with minimum information security concerns, solution providers must provide complete availability (99.99% uptime).

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Sensitivity of technological systems

Technological systems are regarded sensitive and complex, among other reasons, due to specific information security needs and a combination of entities dealing with them.

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Comprehensive solutions package

The bundle of solutions required in the sector is particularly comprehensive and complex—only few providers have experience in the subject, covering substantial and adequate knowledge in all aspects.


Managed Security Services

Public transportation corporations confront cyber dangers that might cause exorbitant losses. y-tech fulfills a number of tough requirements and rules established by the Ministry of Transportation and the Cyber Authority, ensuring leading-edge managed security services.

Cyber Security

y-tech offers tailored cyber security solutions for public transportation clients, including secure communication solutions, a sophisticated CyberRing system with 13 defense circles, and private cloud firewall services.

Secured communications

The public transportation industry requires secure communication with high performance. y-tech assures this for its clients by providing an integrated strategy that includes resilience capabilities, disaster recovery solutions, and business continuity.

Managed Monitoring Services

Public transportation corporations require the most advanced monitoring capabilities available. y-tech provides these managed monitoring services, which eliminates the requirement for its clients to construct and operate an in-house 24/7 control center.

Compliance Packages

Public transportation corporations face increasing pressure to fulfill strict regulatory criteria and restrictions. y-tech gives its clients in this industry with complete confidence that regulatory criteria will be met on a constant and comprehensive basis.

Managed IT

The complex IT infrastructure of public transportation corporations necessitates the use of a factor capable of managing this infrastructure intelligently, efficiently, comprehensively, and optimally. y-tech offers all of this and more.

Hamilton’s accelerated expansion required ongoing investments in computing, which over the years became an economic and managerial burden that weighed very heavily on the company and drew increasing managerial attention and resources. Hamilton decided to move to the technological frontier to support the business core and detach from the unrelenting and demanding occupation with the computing infrastructure. We chose y-tech because we were looking for three central things: availability, professionalism and a high level of service.
Adiya Zuk
Information Systems Manager at Hamilton