and Insurance

The health and insurance worlds require ensuring that customer/patient information is optimally preserved, alongside additional needs.

What you should know about the insurance industry

The insurance and health industries are tremendously diverse, with big public organizations, agencies, service providers, and technological businesses. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common: they prioritize system availability and client or patient confidentiality. The implication is the need for a well-secured technology infrastructure that provides an optimal response to the request while meeting tough regulatory criteria
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Need for availability

System availability is required to ensure activity continuity and avoid potential shutdown threats.

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Information preservation

The need for extensive preservation of consumer or patient information in accordance with regulatory standards.

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Large volumes of information

Working with enormous amounts of data necessitates adaptable, dependable solutions with advanced backup mechanisms.


Managed security services

y-tech’s managed security services, which include intensive ongoing monitoring, management, and intervention in incidents and emergencies, ensure that information confidentiality is fully protected for its clients in various industries.

Cyber Security

To achieve optimal security against cyber threats in the health and insurance industries, specific knowledge is required in selecting the suitable cyber systems from the current market. y-tech’s knowledge and experience in this sphere guarantee full adaptation of cyber systems, providing the business with an appropriate comprehensive protective suit.

Secured communication

Secure communications are required to protect against assaults on health and insurance businesses’ communication networks. y-tech provides a comprehensive solution that includes survivability capabilities, disaster recovery solutions, and business continuity.

Managed monitoring services

More and more health and insurance organizations recognize the need of assuring sustainability in any scenario and use managed monitoring services. This service, offered by y-tech, comprises the usage of a 24-hour control center operated by the company’s experienced teams, which together ensure advanced monitoring capabilities.

regulation packages

y-tech provides its clients in the health and insurance industries with full regulatory packages that include customized mapping tailored to their needs, support for required operational changes, and continuing standards compliance during activity.

Managed IT

The necessity to find a comprehensive IT solution for an advanced technological environment is addressed through the usage of managed IT services. y-tech is a trustworthy partner who understands how to handle this infrastructure thoroughly, smartly, and efficiently.

y-tech’s implementation team prepared an orderly and controlled implementation solution. The transition to the cloud enabled us real-time monitoring and control efficiency, without needing physical access to branches, which also enabled business continuity and work efficiency. With the transition to an OPEX model we are saving on hardware we used to have and receiving resources with much higher availability, which greatly impacts our economic model.

Kobi Cohen
Technical Manager and Information Security Trustee, and Radiation Safety Officer at Mammography Institutes