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Meet Our Leadership Team

y-tech’s quality and brilliance begin with our human capital. We are fortunate to have a group of specialists with remarkable accumulated knowledge and experience. Our amazing team members can support you on your journey to success.

Tomer Schwaitzer
Founder and Chairman

Tomer has over 25 years of IT experience, having led a diverse range of integration, connectivity, server, cybersecurity, and system upgrade projects. Tomer is Israel’s formal and exclusive representative on the prestigious ISO and IEC worldwide cloud computing standards committees, where he is a full collaborator in developing global standards in the sector.

“I’ve been playing the keyboard since I was a child. This hobby helped me improve my concentration, precision, and coordination. My military experience as the commander in a combat unit, as well as my strong interest in extreme sports, have given me a better grasp of risk management, the value of teamwork, adaptability, and foresight.”
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen CEO

Eli has an impressive record of success as an executive and in the IT and cyber industries. Successfully led a series of technology companies, such as Experis Cyber and ConnectIT, which he successfully directed. Previously, he worked at Orange Israel (Partner) for nearly a decade as the billing and ISP director.

“My admiration of music and my experience playing a variety of instruments, most notably the drums, have shown me how essential rhythm is to establishing harmony throughout a system. I use this knowledge in my efforts to foster teamwork inside the organization, which is crucial to our achievements.”

Shai Gindi VP of Business Development and Sales

Shai contributes over two decades of sales, marketing, and company development experience. He started in IT as an SMB Sales and Marketing Manager, then gained professional expertise delivering full computing solutions to businesses.
He founded Sage in early 2009 and served as CEO until the company was acquired by y-tech in 2020.


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a specific dedication for effort-intensive challenges, particularly surfing and martial arts. These taught me the value of precision, tenacity, and long-term consistency, all of which are necessary for expanding the sections of the company that I control.”


Moshe Horwitz
VP Delivery

Moshe offers over two decades of experience throughout computing, networking and connectivity. At the corporate level, he leads connectivity, cloud computing, and integration project areas, involving specification, setup, and storage operations, as well as integration for company clients within y-tech cloud environments.


“After years of actively playing poker, I can claim that the fundamental concepts of game theory is tremendously applicable to management and professional contexts: those who take risks may lose, but they also stand to gain significantly more. On the other hand, avoiding all risk will almost always result in loss over time. Patience pays well in poker, as it does in life, yet courage is required at times.”

Inbar Saders VP of Customer Service

Inbar has about two decades of expertise in customer service, with particular emphasis on ITSM methodologies-based support system development, leadership of local and global support frameworks based on best practices, and accompanying of specification teams for supporting systems.


Inbar is responsible for managing the company’s Customer Service department, which includes staff and service metrics. Her position entails working to continuously improve service quality for company clients while simultaneously striving for innovation and efficiency.
Inbar maintains an ITIL Foundation v.3 certification.


“For as long as I can remember, two basic characteristics have defined me, regardless of the direction I took or the subject I pursued: my communication abilities and my love of people. Today, these allow me to more successfully fulfill my responsibilities to work teams and company clients”

Noam Roof HR Manager

Noam has substantial managerial experience in various HR domains. Her responsibilities include managing recruitment, employer branding, and employee wellbeing, developing organizational culture and processes, and educating managers and staff. Thus, Noam plays a crucial role in developing y-tech’s human capital and fostering a conducive organizational climate that promotes corporate goals and values.


“As a yoga and Pilates practitioner, I understand the importance of getting into the intricacies while maintaining mental flexibility and patience over time. In recent years, I’ve included hip hop dancing, which adds out-of-the-box thinking to shifting beats, and my passion for the written word has broadened my horizons, allowing for deeper human psychology knowledge and empathy competency development, which is critical for employee management.”


Yuval Zaktzar Field Technicians Team Manager; Professional Mentor to the Service Team

Yuval has more than two decades of expertise in a variety of IT areas, including support, service, systems, and projects. Yuval has held several significant field positions for y-tech’s strategic customers, eventually leading the company’s support center. Today, he oversees our field technician team while also providing senior leadership and mentoring to new team members joining the support and service areas.


“My passion of surfing taught me the value of seeking inner peace and balance amidst the tumultuous waves. The ability to remain calm and not allow background noise to distract me from focusing on the goal comes in handy on a daily basis, both in team management and with customers.”


Yossi Bar
Senior Engineer

Yossi has over two decades of IT experience, including strong virtualization knowledge. Since joining y-tech, he has played a key role in field technology projects for corporate clients. Today, he is the Senior Engineer, responsible for the definition and execution of internal company and client technology projects.

“I’ve been practicing martial arts for years and added basketball to my repertoire during the last decade. So, in addition to individual strategic thinking, which requires precision, agility, and preparedness for a variety of scenarios, I’ve improved my team-playing abilities. I bring all of this to my current work, which benefits both the organization and the clients.”

Lior Amsilli Service and Support Center Manager

Lior has over a decade of experience operating support and service centers, as well as various field and management positions.
As the Service and Support Center Manager, he is in charge of managing the center’s staff and liaises with various company aspects, suppliers, and clients.

“I participate in motorsports and write car reviews for a weekend magazine.” This necessitates a high level of precision and spatial perspective, self-directed study and attention to minute details, and always staying one step ahead – all of which I want to bring to the technical assistance our team gives to our clients.

Adar Schwartz Cross-Organizational Project Manager

Adar has a decade of expertise in technology, defense, and cyber industries. She has overseen a variety of functions, including sales, marketing, and business development. Adar’s current responsibilities include overseeing the company’s cross-organizational projects and integrating company bodies to suit client expectations.


“Being a kite surfer taught me abilities such as goal focus, high attention levels, and not being distracted crux by ‘storms’. These are extremely useful characteristics for a position that requires strong attention, inner composure when dealing with pressure, and adherence to objectives.”

Dror Greenberg Head of Cybersecurity

Dror has over two decades of expertise working on IT infrastructure, information systems, and cybersecurity. In recent roles, he has led the technology development and implementation of information security solutions for enterprises of varying sizes.


“I enjoy culinary arts as a hobby. I stepped into the kitchen and immersed myself in the process of creating meals with love and peace. During the cooking process, I allow for maximum creativity, variation, and harmony amongst the raw components. I attempt to apply the environment and interpersonal intimacy that food creates around the table to my role as well.”