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Secured Communication

Combining communication services and information security under one roof, provided by a recognized provider, is the best way to ensure secured communication with excellent performance. y-tech is an official communication and internet provider recognized by the Ministry of Communications.

Main Challenges

Identifying Cyber Events

Early detection of cyber events occurring in the business's communication network is crucial to the proper operation of the organization.

Minimum downtime

How can we assure minimal downtime while reducing the impact on the business's continued operation using innovative communication solutions adapted to the organization's needs ?

Effective and constant communication

Proper and continuous communication between all system components, as well as the prevention of communication failures, network slowdowns, and disconnections, serve as the foundation for uninterrupted work.

Our Services

Detecting cyber incidents in communications.

As leading suppliers of fast and secure internet, including the establishment of access and browsing policies for each station in the enterprise, we can detect cyber threats at the Tier 3 communication layer, offering total security for clients.

Complete redundancy implementation

Our communication architecture was designed with the highest possible level of redundancy and employs communication infrastructures from several providers to ensure business continuity in any situation.

Monitoring and Control

We monitor and control all communication lines on our clients’ networks, including sending alerts when lines are overloaded or dropped.

A comprehensive response

Our sense of responsibility to our clients requires us to have the most thorough understanding of the IT and information security worlds in order to provide a complete answer to each of their specific needs.

Tailored experience

Our significant expertise gathered over years of activity across sectors and fields of knowledge, along with the service value that leads us, enables us to give Best Practices solutions in their respective fields, including a unique methodology adapted to each client’s demands.

24/7 service and support

The value we bring our clients through quiet and constant labor is critical to their success. It is built on our service and support teams working around the clock to ensure that their systems run properly and uninterrupted at all times and from any location.

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