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Misgav is an independent and privately owned insurance agency and pension arrangements, operating for over 60 years, providing a range of insurance services including health insurance, nursing, elementary, business insurance, pension and financial arrangements for private clients, businesses, large companies and corporations. As an independent insurance agency, Misgav operates with all major insurance companies, pension funds and a variety of investment houses

The company has been run for years through a local computing infrastructure (On-Prem), which has supported the operations of its four branches across the country as well as mobile agents in the field. Over the years, this infrastructure has become a financial and managerial burden, which has burdened the IT team and attracted increasing attention and managerial resources .Purchases of new equipment, repairs and upgrades of the servers and the physical communication center were required, there was a constant struggle for cyber security, software updates, backup and storage operations, dealing with power outages that disrupted business operations and many other challenges

The Goal
Improving processes in the computing system while performing a digital transformation from end to end, and the transition of the computing and communication infrastructure to a virtual private cloud configuration in Y-tech cloud

Our Solution
After an in-depth knowledge of the company's needs for the purpose of adapting a solution that will support all the company's activities, Y-tech established for Misgav a complete IT Infrastructure in a virtual private cloud configuration, which includes mail, databases, storage, application servers, backup and testing, which support all the company's activities, consulting, service, operations and finance systems, including Salesforce system and new BI server.

Misgav's CIO Dana Zichlinsky says that "the move to Y-tech's cloud has revolutionized the company's daily life. We are no longer busy managing infrastructure, no longer putting out fires and just looking ahead, in the directions of innovation and business development. The servers have completely disappeared from our lives and the only hardware in the offices is the employees terminals and laptops of the field agents. Today we are busy with innovation and business growth"

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