Roltime Case Study

Headquartered in Israel, the Roltime Group imports, markets and distributes international brands and luxury fashion watches. More than half of the company’s business activity is dedicated to Swatch and Impress watches brands in addition to  being the sole importer of Samsonsite products, and the prestigious Cross and Sheaffer pens and writing utensils.
Roltime employs a staff of 150 nationwide that stretches north of Haifa and as far south as Eilat, situated at 20 distribution points throughout the country, all managed from the company headquarters in Petach Tivah. Management and control of Roltime’s computer and communications system is the heart of the organization, and includes accounting systems, monitoring and control of inventory and retail outlets, security systems, and security cameras at each location.
Prior to Roltime first becoming a Y-tech customer in 2008, company management lacked efficient control of their communications systems. In keeping with their rapid expansion and establishing new branches across the country, the need for a stable and reliable communications network became vital to Roltime’s operational success. With increased computing needs that included comprehensive system management at headquarters, the company required online access to all of its branches’ security cameras to monitor and control operations and to protect its resources and its merchandise. 
Roltime company management required end-to-end system mapping and an upgrade of their entire communications network. Further, they needed to establish and maintain a stringent system security at headquarters and at all of their retail outlets. They also required 24/7 control of events at all branches, by implementing security systems to deter system breaks and ward off industrial espionage. More importantly, they needed to dramatically improve their communications systems to help streamline daily work processes, reduce system failures to zero and essentially control and monitor their entire communications system.
Company management turned to Y-tech for a viable solution to meet their immediate needs. The Y-tech project team first focused on assessing Roltime’s requirements and current work processes. This included a thorough review of the company’s computer and communications systems and enterprise software applications to best develop and implement change in the organization’s computer network.  
The Y-tech team skillfully designed a closed private communications network, guaranteeing security and 100% redundancy. Further, they provided solutions for overall system security and advanced protection to block potential security threats and spyware by unifying and upgrading the company's servers. The entire upgrade was designed in just a few weeks, resulting in the establishment of a fully operational system within hours, without having to disable critical Roltime systems in the process.
Management and staff at Roltime now benefit from a communications system that is both stable and reliable, with redundant communication lines to fully optimize the user experience. Monitoring and control of the entire system is available 24/7, with real-time response to Roltime’s operational and telecommunications’ needs. The enhanced system includes immediate alerts to problems and system failures in real time, enabling the Y-tech customer support team to quickly assess the problem and provide a solution, particularly for attempted system breaks and industrial espionage. Each computer in the network is protected by a firewall between headquarters and each individual branches and is shut down securely when each retail outlet closes at the end of each business day, significantly reinforcing overall system security.
CEO of Roltime Group, Elad Levy, comments, “When we first partnered with Y-tech, we initially completed the mapping of all branches and their communications systems. Before Y-tech, we deployed several systems running at various speeds that were disorganized and did not serve our company’s needs. Since our recent system upgrade, we have enhanced our overall operation. We know that at any time, the Y-tech support team is there with a solution – that works! Y-tech customer support cannot be matched. They carefully study and asses our needs – exceeding them every time. We have come to rely on Y-tech’s skilled and experienced team of professionals, so that we can work smoothly and seamlessly, without spending unnecessary time and resources. Today, when we open a new retail outlet, we follow set procedures - a clear cut process defined and carried out by Y-Tech, so that all of our communications needs are met.  Y-tech’s staff manages the entire system, including installation and deployment, so that we’re up and running in no time. If I had to choose two words to describe our close working relationship and our experience with Y-tech, unequivocally, it would be full confidence.”

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