Y -tech strives to provide its customers with the ultimate in IT systems to be complement customers’ requirements, tailor-designed to suit individual company needs. Our cloud solutions include a variety of server configurations - private cloud, public or hybrid, all of which are designed to support the core activity of each and every business.
  • Cloud solutions are designed for enterprise-level computing systems and for company and organizations of varying sizes.
  • Migration to any sized cloud system incurs maximum uptime, with the option of immediately adding servers to the system at any time.
  • Our cloud-based systems include an all-purpose VM, web servers, SQL servers, mail servers, print servers, DR servers, terminal servers, and more.
  • 2 data centers in Israel, in the center and in the north, which provide diverse DR capabilities and business continuity, including automated BGP infrastructures and server replication.
  • We offer comprehensive resource flexibility to enable our customers to immediately increase or decrease their system needs based on their manpower and resources.
  • Y-tech customers benefit from system charges that are based on actual consumption.
  • Software updates and deploying the most advanced operating systems.
  • Our cloud solutions consist of fully redundant component, with servers hosted in a secure, central location.
  • Maintenance and software/system upgrades are performed on a regular basis without disrupting customer activities.

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