Being connected - staying connected

Reliable and secure communications is the platform for any business or organization. In today’s world, there is no place for system or network failures, malfunctions, slowdowns or disconnects. Y-tech communications solutions are operated, managed and controlled from any location at any time, with full access to all end-users stations within an organization, with the highest levels of security.

Y-tech guarantees high-speed secured Internet services, enabling every end-user to benefit from seamless, reliable and secure connectivity – all the time, every time. Further, we provide our customers with optimized communications services, enabling them to enjoy superior network performances, maximize their existing infrastructure, and ultimately, improve their overall data transmission and operations.

System Security

All Y-tech IT system solutions are delivered with fully secure and protected from malicious or threatening downloads and websites that can potentially compromise or harm your business.
  • CyberRing - Y-tech's surround protection ring that includes many protections, like Identity Management and Protection, anti-DDOS, anti-virus Gateway, anti-malware Gateway, ransomware, sandbox, advanced intrusion prevention, all managed and monitored by our SOC around the clock.
  • Reverse Proxy Beyond - Protects company servers from Internet threats using advanced Y-tech technology; protection from client server intrusion, data theft and denial of services.
  • Spam Filtering and Email Scanning - Detects viruses and spyware using Y-tech’s advanced filtering systems; system performs approx. 10 million data verifications, including incoming messages/data, filtering potential risks before they reach the customer's servers.
  • Domain Hosting - Fully supported by Y-tech’s DNS servers, including multiple website hosting.
  • Manage Whitelist/Blacklist - Manage lists independently, with the ability to release potentially harmful and malicious emails.
  • VPN - Seamlessly connects computer systems all over the world, secured by an advanced encryption system that protects data and user ID.

Distributed Private Networks

For many businesses, consolidating branch offices of a company into one network is best deployed using a secure private IPVPN. Y-tech solutions address this need by installing a firewall between the branch offices of a company or organization to enable seamless monitoring and control of all communications and data between branch offices. With a keen understanding of distributed private networks, Y-tech delivers solutions that include private customer network service providers. In this scenario, each branch has their own individual network, while corporate headquarters have full control over the entire network and its branches. 

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