Excellence as a policy

Y-tech provides solutions in cloud computing, communication and integration for public and private organizations in Israel and around the world. One of the most prominent values of our company is the pursuit of excellence. Our value for excellence governs our company’s policies and is a significant factor in everything we do.
Y-tech operates according to international standards throughout all its operations, ranging from the quality of its products, its professional staff and down to management processes and the quality of service provided to corporate clients.

Y-tech Authorized for the ISO 27001 Information Protection Standard

As part of the IT service supply, cloud computerization and communication for hundreds of organizations, Y-tech is obligated at a meticulous level, without compromise, to maintain information security for its clients.
The 2013 standard: ISO 27001 defines international standards that deal with establishment, management and maintenance of information protection systems in organizations.
The standard which was written by professionals in the information protection field and was implemented in organizations around the world, defines systematic and intentional guidelines for all aspects of information protection in the organization.
Authorization for the 2013 standard: ISO 27001 proves that Y-tech is obligated and strives to protect its clients' information and manage it in a guarded and efficient fashion through all of its activities: cloud computerization, communication solutions, back up, DR, IT project advice, integration and more.  
To view the ISO 27001 standard authorization click here.

Y-tech Authorized for the ISO 9001 Service Quality Management Standard

As part of being a company which supplies services and products, Y-tech has a strong connection with its clients and works in accordance with international management and service quality standards in interior and exterior social processes.
The 2015 standard: ISO 9001 defines international standards for management and service quality. The standard states regularities for providing and reaching client demands, decision making models, process leadership, for striving to strengthen client satisfaction and constant improvement of the management and service system. 
Authorization for the 2015 standard: ISO 9001 proves and indicates Y-tech's commitment towards management and quality service, as well as the significance of the subject on all company levels.
To view the ISO 9001 standard authorization click here.

Y-tech is an Authorized Internet Provider—Ministry of Communications

Y-tech is a licensed to be an Internet Service Provider by the Israeli Ministry of Communications. 
As part of the company’s solutions, Y-tech provides fast and secure web surfing, including a browsing policy for every computer in an organization, optimization, redundancy, monitoring and control, innovative methodologies in security and protection, private networks for organizations, MPLS, IPVPN and more. 


Y-tech's membership in RIPE NCC

As part of being a professional organization that provides advanced communication services to our customers, Y-tech is a member of RIPE NCC. RIPE NCC is an independent, non-profit organization which advocates the regulation of internet infrastructure and in particular registration of global internet resources in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
Membership in this organization gives Y-tech the rights to unique IP addresses (under our ownership) which can be moved according to the needs of our customers in Israel and abroad and facilitates the establishment and transferal of complex and sophisticated DR systems between various computer centers with the ability to save IP addresses and identical connectivity of these systems, regardless of their geographical location. 
In addition, we are among the few service providers in Israel to implement the Ipv6-based communication systems, a new address technology --IP that will replace the current version 4.
Implementation of these systems allows us to provide reliable infrastructure for distribution of technologies (Internet of things) including allocation of multiple IP addresses and flexible geographic roaming capabilities for every device.
For Y-tech’s page on RIPE NCC site, click here.

Y-tech is Israel’s Sole Representative on the ISOIEC JTC 1/SC 38 Committee for Global Cloud Standards

Y-tech is Israel’s sole representative on the standards committee on behalf of the international standards organizations, ISO and IEC. The committee includes representatives from 26 countries which together constitute an exclusive international body responsible for formulation of international quality standards for cloud-based computing. The committee formulates uniform terminology, work methodologies, and management of professional knowledge in order to establish high, uniform standards. These standards guide cloud service providers throughout the world to work according to advanced procedures and standards that will ensure the implementation of  leading professional solutions and applications in this field. The committee is run by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and its representatives meet on a regular basis in order to promote the formulation of standards.

Y-tech’s trademark

Y-tech’s company logo and activities are protected and preserved by trademark laws which detail the company’s extensive operations in the IT field, cloud computing, communications solutions, information security, and integration.
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