I want to move my company’s entire computer system to the cloud, but I have numerous applications and a large number of users. I can’t disable my system at all. Do you have a viable solution?

Yes, we do. Y-tech specializes in migrating complex systems to the cloud with virtually no downtime and no interruption to your current system. We have close working relationships with most business application providers in Israel and around the globe, and vast experience in migrating corporate customers to the cloud on a daily basis with minimal user disruption.

My business activities are widespread and dynamic, I need control and monitoring of my entire computer system to optimize employee performance and resources, be altered as to all activities and increase resources when needed.

Y-tech’s core systems are designed so that resources can be made available for any purpose at any time. Our monitoring and control center knows how to effectively locate and alert prior to full resource utilization, resulting in immediate expansion and maintenance of a high-performance system at any time.

My greatest concern is the transition to cloud is that my system will be remotely located and not accessible. If I am dependent on your cloud, will I be able to access my data independently at any time?

Y-tech provides integrated IT solutions for its customers that will enable direct, secure access to your data anytime, anywhere, with full transparency to the customer. We would be happy to schedule an introductory meeting and take you on a ‘tour’ of the system. 

Cloud-based technology solutions dependent on communication and the cloud providers hardware, should the system fail, will each customer’s system be disabled?

We recommend a redundant communication system supported by optimization and emergency back-up. Further, Y-tech systems provide 100% redundancy, delivering superior business continuity and high-performance systems to all of our customers at all times.

During a malfunction, how long would I have to wait for customer service and support?

Y-tech’s monitoring and control center will detect the problem before you do. We then immediately notify you that a problem exists and we take fast and appropriate action to remedy the problem. Inquiries initiated by our support center are by email or by phone, with problems or queries handling in minimal time, according to their degree of urgency. After work hours, our emergency center handles critical malfunctions and failures.

During my years in business, our computer systems resulted in unexpected, immediate and high expenses. Is it possible to know the anticipated increase of Y-tech’s IT solution costs?

Absolutely. After determining the appropriate IT solution to best suit your business needs, you will receive a proposal that will reflect the costs of your tailored IT solution. Our proposals always include complete solutions with details and pricing, so that you are well aware, in advance, of your total monthly computing expenses – with no surprises. 

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