Management Team

Tomer Schwaitzer Tomer Schwaitzer CEO & Founder Y-tech founder & CEO, Tomer Schwaitzer, is a seasoned and experienced IT professional, with over 15 years in the IT industry. He began his career as a System Administrator in the private sector. He was quickly promoted to Technology Manager, responsible for a range of integration and telecommunications projects for corporate customers, including servers, system security and various system upgrades with an emphasis on preserving uptime and minimized system failures.
Tomer is Israel’s official and exclusive representative in the International Standardization Committee ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38. On behalf of the prestigious ISO and IEC organizations, the committee consolidates a uniform technology, work methodologies, and standards guiding cloud providers worldwide.
Since 2004, Tomer has been a course instructor at John Bryce, Hi-Tech, and Media-Tech technical colleges, lecturing in communications and information security for CIOs, system analysts and developers. Tomer holds several professional certifications, including:  MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCPSI, MCNPS, MCPS, and CCNA.

Moshe Horvits Moshe Horvits VP Service and Operations Moshe Horvits joined the Y-tech team in 2013 and is responsible for the company’s field service and operations, with a focus on cloud computing and integration. In his position, he is responsible for enhancing customer service, system efficiency and system innovation. Moshe brings over 15 years of experience and expertise in computing, networking and communications. Prior to Y-Tech, he held various senior IT positions with A.P. Design, representatives of Betili, ID-Design and MHP, design houses based in Israel. Prior, he was System Administrator at Comax Software. Moshe is a graduate of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology’s senior CIO management course, and holds extensive professional certifications, including MCSA, MCSE, and CCNA.
Yafit Keret Yafit Keret CFO
Y-tech's CFO, Yafit Keret is responsible for all of the company's financial activity.
In addition to her role in Y-tech, Yafit is the founder and CEO of Proximo, a financial services provider firm. Yafit specializes in leading fundraising initiatives, budgeting, business plans, Strategic operations and more. Prior to Y-tech Yafit was a member of the executive teams of several successful companies including B.P.T. Bio Pure technology, Tiltan Systems Engineering, GeoSim Systems and ESI. She holds BA in Finances and Business Management and MBA in Business Management from the College of Management.
Keren Karp Keren Karp Marketing Manager Responsible for planning and executing the company's marketing plan. In addition to her role in Y-tech, Keren serves as a marketing manager in Xtra Mile, a B2B marketing agency operating in the Hitech, Biotech and IT sectors. Keren has extensive experience in managing marketing activities in the areas of Medical, high-tech, telecom and IT.
As part of her role, she is responsible for brand development, and the implementation of marketing programs and tactics.
Previously served as Marketing Manager in Mobile Tornado, and formerly marketing communications and sales support at NAMS from Nisko – Arden Group. She holds a BA Bsc in Computer Information from Excelsior College in the US and graduated from the Camera Obscura School of Art.
Saar Gur Saar Gur IT Integrated Solutions Promotion Manager
Saar joined Y-tech in November 2014. As part of his position, Saar leads our team in the field of promoting IT solutions that combine private and hybrid clouds and unique communication solutions. Saar also manages strategic cooperation for our company.
Saar previously served as senior account manager at Netvision.
Saar is an authority on VMware, has extensive knowledge and has done intensive professional training and qualifications in various fields of communications, virtualization and information security. 
Efrat Mashiach Efrat Mashiach Administrative Manager
Efrat joined Y-tech in early 2014 as office manager.
Efrat is responsible for the ongoing management and assistance of staff leaders at Y-tech.
At Y-tech, she is also responsible for advancing and implementing enterprise projects. Efrat manages the logistical and operational interfaces of all customers and suppliers. Efrat has two years of experience in the field of HR, and has as a BA in Behavioral Sciences and Management from The College of Management Academic Studies.
Yuval Zexer Yuval Zexer Senior Support and NOC manager Yuval is Y-tech’s technical support manager and is responsible for the monitoring and control center of the company.
Yuval, in charge of the ongoing management of support and service systems, is the senior professional leader of our support team, and is a mentor and teacher for new support team members. He is also responsible for the ongoing operation of the NOC command and control team.
Yuval has 20 years of experience in the IT field and has professional certifications including MCP, MCSE, MCTS, and more.
Liran Hamrany Liran Hamrany Tier 3 Engineering
Liran is technological manager for the engineering department and as part of his position is responsible for establishing, upgrading and maintaining the Y-tech cloud systems. Liran is a specialist in integration of communication and server systems and has extensive knowledge in network systems, virtualization and code development. Liran is in charge of security at Y-tech and manages our various security systems. He has worked in IT since 2000 and is a veteran of the 013Netvision server farm, is self-taught and has the reputation of delving into even the smallest of details. Liran is a graduate of various professional courses, including MCSE, RHCE, CCNA, Hyper-V, and more.
Yossi Bar Yossi Bar Senior Systems Administrator
Yossi is involved in the technological management of the migration project to the Y-tech cloud, upgrading internal systems and developing new, innovative solutions. As part of his position, Yossi is senior professional for our support team and leads hands-on (on an ongoing basis) technical projects, including implementation of AD, Exchange, VMware, and Hyper-V environments. He is also responsible for implementing Open Source systems and developing creative solutions for Y-tech’s customers.
Yossi has 15 years of experience in IT, extensive knowledge and experience in the world of virtualization and holds professional certifications including MCP, MCSE, MCSD and MCTS.

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